T31T – Kanton Island

Polish operators 3Z9DX, SP3DOI and SP7VC will soon visit Kanton Island in Central Kiribati. They are going for a 1 month trip to do radio activity and volunteer any help to the local community, including Radio Emergency Communication System. The residents don’t have any type of communication with the rest of the world at this moment, […]

7P8VA – Lesotho

Gordon, K7TRB says: I’ll be in Maseru, Lesotho during September and October 2016. I plan to operate 50% SSB and 50% PSK31 and experiment with other digital modes. QSL to home call via bureau, SASE for USA, SASE + $2 for non USA. No IRC. Have not decided about using LoTW as of yet.

Commande de patches pour les projets ARISS

Plusieurs équipes ont contacté ARISS France pour savoir si il était possible d’obtenir des « patches » de la mission de Thomas PESQUET, afin de les offrir aux élèves et autres partenaires de leurs projets. Nous avons déniché ce site (il y … Lire la suite

VA2NDX/VY0 – Charlton I, NA-173

A team consisting VA2AMH, VE2MBT, VE2SSS, VE2WHZ & VE2YAG will be active from Charlton Island NA-173 as VA2NDX/VY0 between July 28-30, 2017. The team say “the island is very remote, reachable only by boat and the Cree community will assist us and allows us to install our temporary station on the island”. QRV on HF […]

DATV-Express et DVB-S2

Avec l’arrivée du satellite Es’hailsat 2 fin 2017, il parait évident que le standard DVB-S2 va jouer un rôle important pour nos transnmissions ATV. A cette fin, Charles G4GUO a porté son implémentation Linux DVB-S2 sur Windows.

L’encodage est fait en grande partie sur le PC et utilise donc plus de ressource CPU que le DVB-S. Cette nouvelle version sera bientôt disponible.

3B8TX – Mauritius

Bernie ZS4TX informs: I will be active from the northwest coast of Mauritius [LG89sx] from 16 – 19 September 2016 as part of a short visit to the island. 3B8TX allocated by ICTA. Mauritius is not rare in Europe on 6m. My operation will favour NA/SA moonrise and ZL/VK mooonset. Please send me an email […]