Where might KC0W go next?

UPDATE by Tom KC0W My proposed “Top 25 Most Wanted” DXpedition is not going to happen. Sorry for getting anyone’s hopes up. Never trust anyone who claims to be “military” and also claims to have the authority to allow people to visit KHx land. Waste of my time, waste of my money, loss of credibility. […]

OJ0R – Market Reef

By Martti Laine, OH2BH: It was just Henri, OH3JR who single-handedly put up a new Force-12 permanent beam at Market lighthouse to serve the multitudes. Following the coming week of Pasi, OH3WS/OJ0W, Henri will fire up the beam in variety of bands – with weather being subject for landing. (QRV: September 10-17, 2016) The Market […]

5U7RK – Niger

Yves, F5PRU is currently located in South Niger and will be active during free time as 5U7RK. He tells DX-World that he’s there for a few months with his job. Due to very bad internet connection (it takes too long to open his email) Yves cannot take skeds. His working conditions include a TS-50 and dipole antenna. […]

Mado F1EOY et Helios F6IHY en Franche-Comté

Le chemin des vacances de Mado F1EOY et Helios F6IHY passent chaque année par Pontarlier. Il va sans dire qu'un battement nul, spécial YL, s'impose autour d'une bonne table franc-comtoise, à de l'Auberge du Vourbey chez notre amie Myriam F4GVT.
Les Toulousains regagnaient ensuite Heddingen où Mado allait activer HB88YL avec un groupe d'YL international ( Suisses, Allemandes et Françaises (...)

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Oceania DX contest ….

L’historique Oceania DX Contest qui était à l’origine le « VK/ZL contest » est un des plus anciens contests radioamateurs puisqu’il existe depuis 80 ans, c’est à dire le milieu des années 30 ! Ce contest  se déroule chaque année les deux premiers week-ends d’Octobre et sanctionne des liaisons entre l’Océanie et le reste du monde sur […]