Logbook Of The World LOTW nun mit WPX-award

Für die Diplomjäger ist dieses Angebot eine grosse Erleichterung. Die administrative Verwaltung für das WPX-award ist im Vergleich zu anderen "grossen Diplomen" relativ unfangreich. LOTW wird durch diese zusätzliche Dienstleistung mit Sicherheit vermehrten Zulauf von neuen Benützern haben. Aktuell verwaltet LOTW für 51’300 User 433 Millionen QSO Datensätze.

Original Mitteilung an die Benützer von LOTW

Jul 2, 2012: WPX — LoTW is now displaying a WPX Award table in each user account under the tab Awards. Over the next couple of days users will see the numbers in the tables go up as the system continues to process log data that is already in the system.  Some users already see the fully populated prefix tables.  Watch the news here and we will announce when the data processing is complete. – There will also be a delay in log processing while the awards tables are filled.

Weitere Details dazu von WWW.QRZ.COM

Participants in CQ magazine’s WPX award program may now use the American Radio Relay League’s Logbook of the World (LoTW) system to apply for the WPX award and its endorsements.

Amateurs will be able to use LoTW logs to generate lists of confirmed contacts to be submitted for WPX credit. Standard LoTW credit fees and CQ award fees will apply. LoTW support for the WPX award went "live" on July 2.

Logbook of the World is the ARRL’s electronic confirmation system for amateur radio contacts. It provides a confirmation when both stations in a contact submit their logs to the system and a match between the logs is confirmed.

The application process for the WPX award via LoTW is the same as applying for ARRL-sponsored awards (such as DXCC and Worked All States), according to ARRL, which adds that Logbook users will notice that a WPX account has automatically been created for them on their LoTW awards page.

ARRL adds that amateurs wishing to apply for the WPX Award via Logbook of the World will pay 12 cents for each QSO they use in their application. A separate fee for the WPX Award (and endorsements) is payable to CQ: Subscribers will be charged $6 for each award, while non-subscribers will be charged $12 for each award. Endorsement stickers are $1 each.

WPX is the first non-ARRL award supported by LoTW. Support for the rest of CQ’s operating achievement awards – including Worked All Zones (WAZ), the USA-Counties Award (USA-CA) and the CQ DX and DX Field Awards – will be phased in over time.

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