GAREC 2012 – Registrations Open

On behalf of the organising committee, it is my great pleasure to cordially invite your National Society and members of Emergency Communications Groups to participate in MyGAREC 2012, the 8th GAREC conference, which will be held on 12 to 14th November, 2012 in Port Dickson, Malaysia.

This international conference, an informal forum by radio amateurs from societies worldwide, especially from those societies who are very active in the rapid provision of support communications to all the emergency and disaster-relief services in their countries in times of any emergencies or disaster, is hosted by MARTS (Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters’ Society) with the following aims:

To promote more awareness between government ministries, departments, agencies and regulatory authorities especially in those countries in Region III where the resources that can be provided by amateur radio volunteers have up till now remained almost-unused

To foster more information exchanges leading towards better utilization and coordination of amateur radio resources for emergencies and disaster relief communications, gaining a closer rapport between all of the above parties and eventually developing a high level of trust and reliance on the radio amateurs for the provision of such communications services.

To help the relevant departments or ministries in Malaysia look more positively towards eventually becoming a signatory in the Tampere Convention and its ratification in due course.

Quelle: IARU Region 1

Wie aus dem Vorstand verlautet, wird die USKA an diesem Anlass durch Peter Sidler HB9PJT repräsentiert. Nebst der Teilnahme an der GAREC 2012 dient die Anwesenheit von Peter auch der Vorbereitung der nächsten Veranstaltung dieser Art, die 2012 in der Schweiz stattfinden soll. 

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