CE1/IT9YRE & CE1/I1SNW – Pajaros Rocks, SA-100

NEWS UPDATE – A new attempt activating IOTA SA-100 will take place in March 2018. Exact dates not yet known as this time. It’s also possible a special callsign may be used instead of calls above. JANUARY 15, 2017 – For logistical and security reasons to climb on the rock, the February 2017 activity in […]

[CANCELLED] ZZ0T – Trindade & Martim Vaz

NEWS UPDATE – A week after announcing ZZ0T plans, the project is now postponed/cancelled. Further enquiries to Martin or Evan… JULY 8 — Martin PY2/LU9EFO and Evan PU5SVE have obtained the callsign ZZ0T for a future DXpedition to Trindade & Martim Vaz. Authorization with the Brazilian Navy is in process. The Navy ship leaves every […]

TM0HQ édition 2017, c’est ce weekend !

TMØHQ est l’indicatif de l’équipe nationale qui représente la section Française de l’IARU  Réseau des Emetteurs Français durant le concours « IARU HF World Championship ». De nombreuses nations membres de l’IARU participent. Nous vous invitons  à participer nombreux et soutenir ainsi l’ équipe TM0HQ . Tous les renseignements sur  http://tm0hq.r-e-f.org/

The VK9MAV story

UPDATE – Part 3 now available below. JULY 6 — Andy, VK5MAV has now returned home from his recent IOTA DXpedition to OC-267 Diamond Islets as VK9MAV and OC-160 Scawfell Island as VK9MAV/4. Today, he sends DX-World part 1 and part 2 of his adventure for you to download. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

XV9WJR – Vietnam

FEBRUARY 14, 2018 — XV9WJR will again be active in April & May 2018. FEBRUARY 2, 2018 — Bill is again active as XV9WJR until February 14th. JULY 27, 2017 — Bill, WA7WJR writes: I just received my 3 year Vietnamese Amateur Radio License. My next trip to Vietnam will be in late August – […]

TZ5XR – Mali

NEWS UPDATE – TZ5XR informs he will be quite active during the next 10 days. APRIL 11, 2017 – TZ5XR will be off air from Mali starting April 12 until the beginning of May. Activity then sporadic due to work commitments. MARCH 24, 2017 – TZ5XR will try to be active during the CQ WPX […]