A few watts more…

I prepare a next project, focused on a low cost (semi)QRO power amplifier. The output power should be around 1kW and I need more 2kW with 50V for the power supply. An easy way is to serialize 4 ATX server power supply to get 48V. But each bloc must be isolated from the ground, to avoid a shortcut (second stage isolation). Moreover, this require some tricks to startup the power supply.

Tiny patch to start the power supply

Finally, everything works fine, but I’m not sure to want this. Of course, it’s safe and this is the easy way, but design and build this part could be interesting.

Testing 2 ATX power supply in serial (24V)

In the same time, I retrieved two copper heatsink (thanks Sean) at the lab for the Mosfets cooling. With a powerful fan, it should be fine. The IMD will not excess -20dB, not great, but definitively better than many dirty setups visible on the ham bands. I will continue to use these IRFP440 for bands below than 15MHz.

The heatsink, Mosfet surface visible here