TC0AX – Buyukada Island, AS-201

NEWS UPDATE – TC0AX is now up and running from AS-201. TC0AX is the inaugural DX-World DXpedition. Give us a call ! MARCH 21, 2018 — DX-World team members will undertake their inaugural DXpedition to Buyukada Island AS-201, Turkey during May 7-11, 2018. Operating as TC0AX (T-COAX 🙂) they will be active very holiday-style with […]

4M5I – Piritu Island SA-090

NEWS UPDATE – Luis, YV5ENI informs that a YV team will be active as 4M5I from Piritu Islands, SA-048, during April 13, 2018. SEPTEMBER 26, 2016 – Tropical storm Matthew in the vicinity means the DXpedition to Piritu Islands is cancelled. Sept 28, 2016 – Luis, YV5ENI informs that team 4M5I will be active from Piritu Island SA-090 between […]