Own a piece of DXpedition history!

FEW HOURS REMAINING Here’s your chance to own a spectacular piece of ham radio memorabilia – a DX-World flag fully signed by all team members of VK9WA (Willis Island) and K5P (Palmyra Atoll). Over 130,000 QSOs were made between the teams giving ATNOs to very many operators. This flag would look very good in your […]

[QRT] VP8SGI & VP8STI – South Sandwich and South Georgia

The Chief Pilot, EA5RM, reports that after the storm comes the calm and VP8SGI was able to go back to Husvik Bay and collect all their gear last Sunday afternoon. The full  VP8SGI log was uploaded and OQRS is running. For VP8SGI log inquiries please contact KU9C at The Braveheart is sailing at full […]