In a few words, I completed my 4 layers board, the gerber files were sent and I’m now waiting for it. This prototype is design to work on the 40m band, because it’s easier for me to debug it at these low frequencies. The next versions will operate at 145MHz and 1.3GHz, with an IQ and a classic mixer. The different parts could be clearly identified on the board (power, microcontroller, ref clock, Ethernet, RX mixer, TX mixer, PA, RX filterbank, TX filterbank) and I tried to keep it as simple as possible.

The next step is to solder SMC components (small 0603 for res & cap) and test the microcode. All the data will send over Ethernet and HDSDR will process it, if everything works fine 🙂


TinySDR, my SDR board, for receiving/transmitting over Ethernet

Update : Production process @ Beta Layout