[QRV] C96RRC & C98RRC – IOTA DXpedition, Mozambique

NEWS UPDATE @ 09:30Z– C96RRC is now QRV from Mozambique island AF-088. Vasily R7AL, Vasily RA1ZZ, Al RZ3K and Vlad RK8A (members of the Russian Robinson Club) will be active as C96RRC and C98RRC from Mozambique Island, AF-088 and Inhaca Island, AF-066 during the period April 29 to May 9, 2018. QRV on 40-10m CW, […]

3V8CQ – Djerba Island, AF-083

NEWS UPDATE —  Unfortunately, due to a family (medical) emergency at the last minute, Col MM0NDX had to withdraw from this IOTA DXpedition. Dave EI9FBB will now operate solo as 3V8CQ. QSL via EI9FBB. DECEMBER 24 — Look for Dave, EI9FBB and Col, MM0NDX to be active from the Tunisian island of Djerba AF-083 during […]

C5DX – The Gambia

C5DX School DXpedition – February 2018 The call C5DX has been granted and will be activated again between 9th February – 16th February 2018, as part of a school trip to the Gambia. ​A party of 18 sixth form students and 3 staff from Sandringham School in St. Albans, England will visit their partner school Farafenni Senior Secondary […]

TY1TT – Benin

NEWS UPDATE & pictures by Wim TY1TT — Since I arrived we had a big tropical storm here. Almost every day thunder and lightning. My 160 and 80m antenna’s working very well, but it is full of QRM from lighting; up to to S9. Last night every antenna came down due to high winds. I never […]

C5WP – The Gambia

NEWS UPDATE – C5WP goes FT8 on 60m Pedro updates DX-World that from April 2nd till 13th he will be doing some charity work in the Gambia staying at his “Kerr Pedro” compound in Buntung (IK23JR) using regular callsign C5WP.  He just received his license renewal a few hours ago thanks to a very friendly […]

6O6O – Somalia

Kenneth, LA7GIA and Adrian, KO8SCA bring some good news for the festive period! “We have received an invitation from the Ministry to come and do amateur radio transmission in Somalia. We have received the license 6O6O, and we travel Jan 3rd. We hope to be QRV in the evening local time. We will stay there […]

[UPDATES] 6O6O – Somalia

JANUARY 15 – Final day. We will operate as normal until 15UTC when we start disassembling the antennas. After noise disappears about 20 UTC we will continue for some hours on wire antennas for 40+30m during the night. Our flight is due early tomorrow morning local time. Despite not being able to operate in prime […]

C56RU – The Gambia

JANUARY 1, 2018 — Franky says: “Holiday is over. #C56RU log fully uploaded to Club Log. Feel free to request your QSL card via Club Log. Tnx for all QSO. 73 ON7RU/C56RU” DECEMBER 17, 2017 — Franky, ON7RU will be active from The Gambia as C56RU during December 26, 2017 to January 1, 2018. QRV […]